Friday, May 23, 2014

PB Inspired Chesapeake Coffee Table

PB Inspired Chesapeake Coffee Table Build

Having finished the PB Inspired Chesapeake Sectional build and being very pleased with the results, I needed a centerpiece for folks to set drinks and food. Again I turned to The Design Confidential and referenced plans for the PB Inspired Chesapeake Coffee Table.

Estimated Cost:

I used FSC certified select pine for the top and side boards and cedar for the 2x2 legs. I bought the lumber at the same time as some of the other sectional pieces so I'm not sure of the exact cost but estimate around $100, which is a substantial savings over the real thing.

Build Details:

This project was very similar to the sectional unit in that once all the pieces were cut, drilled with pocket holes, and stained, assembly was very straightforward.

Here is a picture of the completed frame without either the lower or upper shelves:

Here it is again with the bottom frame installed. This was a tight fit! You can see where the corners of the shelf had to be cut out to accommodate the legs; if I were to do this again, I'd cut out those sections and stain the sections before assembly to ensure good protection. I'd also install the bottom shelf before assembling the support aprons on the top...this led to some interesting angles as I attempted to fit the shelf in.

Top shelf assembled. It really helps to have a large bench for this!

Final assembly with both shelves in place. Turned out great!

I used the same Cabot Semi-Solid stain that I did for the sectional unit and am pleased with the results. I brushed it on then used a small art brush to fill in all the pocket holes with stain. After assembly, I filled the pocket holes with silicone in order to protect the screws. The alternative would have been to use the BlueKoat pocket screws by Kreg...but I'm cheap :)

Hope you enjoyed!

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